Lifecycle of employment relationship

Every employment relatioship has a beginning and it also has an end. We all know how important it is to have emphasis on these breakpoints. For these breakpoints we offer onboarding and outplacement services for our clients.



Once person is hired or when she/he switches to a new role within your company it is extremely important that the that skills, motivation and expectations are realistic and clearly communicated.

Third party opinion helps to avoid potential hazards.

500€ + VAT



Once employment realtionship ends, eg. due to  financial issues we can help the talent to find a new path in her/his career.

Exit-interview also included in this service.

We can help the talent to find and abnalyze one's strengths and weaknesses and career goals. Thanks to our job market knowledge we can guide the talent to a direction that benefits her/him the most.

1.500€ + VAT

Aptitude testing included

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