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Responsible Recruitment and Executive Search Partner

Rekrytointitalli is a responsible and forward-thinking recruitment consulting firm founded in 2014. We specialize mainly in expert and managerial level recruitments.

We have introduced transparency in pricing and a 12-month recruitment guarantee to the Finnish recruitment market to signal our trust in our work and our commitment to being a leader in responsibility. The results can be seen in our comprehensive list of references.

Would you like to learn more about our approach to responsibility? Here is our ethical guideline.

For Employers

Whether you're seeking new staff or aiming to enhance your employer image, Rekrytointitalli is your dedicated partner throughout the entire employment relationship lifecycle.

Our Net Promoter Score (NPS) given by business customers over the past three years is +71 (on a scale of -100 to +100), which is considered excellent when exceeding 50 points.

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For Employees

Our client companies across various sectors are seeking experts—could you be the one? Explore our current job openings!

Our applicant satisfaction average for the past three years is 4.7/5.0.

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Recruitment and Game Theory: Artificial Intelligence and the Application Game


The bliss of artificial intelligence has been praised by both recruiters and applicants. In reality, it just creates more work.

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Recruitment and Game Theory »

The Recruitment and Game Theory blog series delves into the intersections of recruitment and game theory.

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In the Introducing the Professionals blog series, Elina Liikka from Rekrytointitalli introduces professionals seeking new career opportunities while maintaining anonymity.

+ Straight from Our Clients

We urgently needed a highly skilled worker for a critical project. With Rekrytointitalli, we developed a tailored approach that perfectly matched our requirements. The recruitment process was a resounding success, and we're extremely satisfied with the outcome.

Anne Urrila, Solibri Oy

+ Straight from Our Clients

As players in the ICT field, we sought a skilled worker to lead and develop our sales efforts. Rekrytointitalli's expertise allowed us to easily communicate our requirements. The quality of applicants exceeded expectations, as did our sales results.

Jukka Kivimäki, CEO, Remion Oy

+ Straight from Our Clients

We are a rapidly growing IT company. Rekrytointitalli elevated our recruitment strategies and communication to a whole new level. Given the intense competition for talent, we're pleased with the positive changes resulting from the revision in our current recruitment approach.

Tapio Hekkala, CEO, Amban Nordic

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