Recruitment & Headhunting in Real Estate and Construction

In the business premises sector, the number of employees is relatively limited, as is the number of companies. The use of networks within the industry for recruiting and seeking new career opportunities is very common. In general, university graduates find employment quickly. The level of wages in the business premises sector is generally higher than in many other sectors. Despite the strong internationalization of the sector, the share of foreign labor has remained very low.

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Real Estate and Construction Job Market

"Every fifth Finnish employee participates in construction and maintenance of the built environment. In total, approximately 520,000 individuals work in construction, property management, and related services. The cluster is the largest employer in Finland." (Source: RT)

The real estate and construction industry is highly fragmented. Here, we mainly focus on expert and managerial level recruitment related to office spaces and larger construction projects, where the pool of qualified professionals is relatively limited.

The construction industry is highly sensitive to economic cycles. During economic booms, there is a strong demand for labor, as capital investments in individual construction projects often amount to tens or even hundreds of millions of euros. In tightly scheduled and interconnected projects, the shortage of skilled managerial and expert-level professionals can become a bottleneck, prompting companies to retain their expertise even during economic downturns. Notably, with the increasing digitalization in the construction industry, software and automation companies are emerging as increasingly significant players.

In real estate, the business premises sector has experienced a significant transformation in the past two decades, with the influx of foreign operators into Finland leading to rapid internationalization:

  • In the early 2000s, the volume of large real estate transactions (over €1 million) was approximately €2 billion annually.
  • By 2017, the €10 billion mark had been exceeded.
  • During this time, the share of foreign operators in transactions has risen from practically zero to about 50-60 percent.
  • As a result, services and companies related to property management, wealth management, trading, and more have seen substantial growth during this period.
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Recruitment Team Solutions

Recruitment Team Solutions The Recruitment Team offers a range of customer-specific solutions in the construction and business premises sector. Our typical assignment involves conducting a discreet headhunt project. Depending on the job description and the availability of potential experts for the position, advertisement searches have often proven to be effective. We provide a 12-month recruitment guarantee for our placements.

In this field, aptitude assessments are frequently used as an additional source of information during the recruitment process. The MPA test we use also provides valuable insights for planning a person's onboarding and development. Find out more about our range of services and pricing here.

Roles We've Recruited Over the Past Year

  • Supervisor in charge
  • Director
  • Project manager
  • Business park manager
  • Property manager
  • Rental manager
  • Building automation professional
  • Service manager
  • Sales manager
  • Customer service engineer
  • HR manager
  • Wellbeing construction sales manager
  • Accounting manager
  • Project developer
  • Project salesperson

Our Most Popular Services in the Construction and Business Premises Industry

  • Headhunt
  • Advertisement Search
  • Suitability Assessment


We have conducted recruitments for the following companies, among others:

YIT, JLL Finland, Congrid, Lähiputki-yhtiöt, Keraneon, Solibri, Rakmaster, Sievi Hyvinvointitilat, Sievi Asunnot, Sievi Element, Sievitalo

Reactron Technologies Oy & Recruitment Team

"We have found a similar, good-natured sparring partner."

Reactron Technologies is a young and growing software company founded in 2019, with a mission to act as a technology partner and support growth for startups and growing companies. In collaboration with the Recruitment Team, they have addressed challenges related to recruitment and employer branding.

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