Recruitment Guarantee

12-Month Recruitment Guarantee

In April 2019, we started doing something exceptional in the recruitment industry: we added a 12-month recruitment guarantee to our recruitment assignments.

Why do we offer guarantees for recruitments? Rekrytointitalli's operational philosophy has always been to seek a long-term solution to our corporate clients' staffing needs and the career prospects of the recruited individuals. This means that:

  • We genuinely have to look three to five years ahead and not just seek a quick fix for the current needs of both parties.
  • We genuinely have to consider the best interests of both parties and not just "sell" a seemingly suitable candidate to the paying company.

By providing a 12-month recruitment guarantee, we wanted to demonstrate to our current and new clients that by choosing Rekrytointitalli, they are choosing quality.

Recruitment Guarantee Status as of April 2023 Since April 2019, we have completed approximately 280 recruitment assignments.

To date, the recruitment guarantee has had to be utilized in approximately 5 percent of recruitments.

What is Recruitment Guarantee?

Recruitment Guarantee means that if the employer and the employee part ways within 12 months of the employment start date, Rekrytointitalli will, free of charge, find a new candidate for the position.

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