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Recruitment & Headhunting in the Industrial and Industrial Services Markets

Finland's high level of education, especially in engineering-oriented fields, is partly driven by the industrial sector. In the industrial sector, the strong growth of digitalization is also reflected in recruitment practices. Consequently, traditional industrial companies often align with software companies when it comes to recruitment.

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Industrial and Industrial Services Labor Market

Finland has traditionally been an industrial-driven economy, but over the decades, the share of the industrial sector in the country's GDP has steadily declined. Currently, the industrial sector directly accounts for approximately 15 percent of Finland's GDP, with a larger indirect impact.

However, it's worth noting the growing role of industrial services, such as information technology, development, maintenance, and installation activities. Additionally, a significant portion of Finland's exports consists of industrial products. Since Finland is a so-called cyclical economy, labor markets in the industrial and industrial services sectors also respond with a delay to shifts in the global economy.

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Recruitment Team Solutions

The Recruitment Team offers a range of solutions in the fields of industry and industrial services. In most cases, we specialize in managerial or expert-level recruitment. For such assignments, our typical approach involves conducting advertisement searches, which may be supplemented by headhunting—a hybrid search. We provide a 12-month recruitment guarantee for our placements.

In this sector, aptitude assessments are frequently employed as an additional source of information during the recruitment process. We use the MPA test, which provides valuable insights for both the recruitment decision and the planning of a new hire's onboarding and development.

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Roles We've Recruited Over the Past Year

  • Sales Manager
  • Building Automation Professional
  • Installer
  • Service Engineer/Technician
  • Programmer
  • Customer Service and Business Coordinator

Our Most Popular Services in the Field of Industrial and Industrial Services

  • Headhunt
  • Advertisement Search
  • Suitability Assessment

Our References

We have conducted recruitments for the following companies, among others: Electrolux Professional, Kaiko, Säätölaitehuolto, Remion, Voyantic, Mectalent, Conseptas, Erteco Rubber&Plastic AB

NBO & Recruitment Team

"The partner helped us save time and focus it on our core business."

NBO, a partner in modern solution sales, needed an agile expert for recruitment. With the help of the Recruitment Team, NBO found several new B2B sales experts in six months.

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