Recruitment & Headhunting in IT

Recruitment methods in the IT industry are very diverse. Recent graduates send applications, and more experienced people change jobs mainly through their own networks and headhunters. The IT industry is also characterized by various labor solutions. A company can choose either direct pay, a freelancer, an entire project delivery, or even fully outsourced IT for its IT development project.

Despite the high demand for labor, wage growth has remained relatively moderate, and in a country with strong progressive taxation, employers are trying to attract talent with development opportunities and atmosphere, among other things. The duration of projects and the uncertainty associated with them also lead to a relatively high level of mobility in the field – often even to the point where an interesting project is more important to the employee than an interesting employer.

Because the demand for talent is very high, recruitment decisions are sometimes made on both sides with incomplete information due to the rush.

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IT Job Market

The IT industry has been notoriously hot for a long time, and companies really have to compete for labor. IT workers and companies can be roughly divided into two groups:

  • Those who make their own product
  • Those who work as consultants in other companies.
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Recruitment Team Solutions

The recruitment team has many types of solutions in the IT industry. Our typical assignment is a headhunt project, which may often involve sparring with the employer's image or the recruitment process itself. We also do not underestimate the opportunities offered by the advertisement search, as experts with less work experience may often have expertise in state-of-the-art technology.

Especially foreign recruitment consultants tend to collect talent CVs and sell talent to recruiting companies. We at Recruitment Team always represent our client company. Our operations are transparent, high-quality, and long-term recruitment services instead of short-term reward hunting, which basically creates mutual trust with both our client companies and those changing jobs. With this way of working, we aim to ensure that the employment relationship of experts in our client companies is as long as desired, which is in the interest of all parties. We give a 12-month recruitment guarantee for our recruitments. Find out more about our range of services and pricing here.

Roles We've Recruited Over the Past Year

Software developers (front-end, back-end, full stack), IT architects, project managers, test automation experts

Our Most Popular Services in the IT Industry

  • Headhunting
  • Notification search
  • Development of employer image

Our References

We have recruited for the following companies, among others:

Amban Nordic, Aplicom, Asio Data, Congrid, Helpten, Rajobit, Reactron Technologies, Remion, Solibri

Reactron Technologies Oy & Recruitment Team

"We have found a similar, good-natured sparring partner."

Reactron Technologies is a young and growing software company founded in 2019, with a mission to act as a technology partner and support growth for startups and growing companies. In collaboration with the Recruitment Team, they have addressed challenges related to recruitment and employer branding.

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