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Recruitment and Game Theory

Recruitment and Game Theory

he Recruitment and Game Theory blog series delves into the intersections of recruitment and game theory. Authored by Mikko Kaikkonen, CEO of Rekrytointitalli Oy, who possesses experience in both realms. The blog caters to job seekers, employers, and everyone interested.

Mikko Kaikkonen

CEO, Founder, Stakeholder
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Recruitment and Game Theory: Artificial Intelligence and the Application Game

The bliss of artificial intelligence has been praised by both recruiters and applicants. In reality, it just creates more work.

Responsible Recruitment. Why?

When talking about responsible recruitment, the main focus is on treating candidates fairly. We take responsible recruitment further by addressing the entire value chain.

Psychological Biases in Recruitment

We humans have various psychological biases, and it's important to recognize them in recruitment.

Counter-Cyclical Recruitment

A downturn in the economy provides opportunities for a strategically minded company.

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