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Your task is to make the final decision, our task is to provide you with enough information so that we can stand behind your decision together. We offer a 12-month recruitment guarantee for our recruitment projects.

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Media Search

Suitable for reaching active job applicants.

Utilizes comprehensive advertising channels to reach a broad audience of job seekers.

Can include additional features like a recruitment bot and social media campaigns.

Typically chosen for roles with a large pool of potential candidates.

Price 4,000 € + VAT.

Hybrid Search (Most Popular)

Combines job advertisement with personal communication to target both active and passive job seekers.

Effective for roles with numerous suitable candidates but low mobility.

Can expedite the recruitment process for urgent positions.

Price 6,000 € + VAT.

Headhunt/Executive Search

Designed to reach passive or experienced candidates.

Involves active and personalized marketing of the job and the employer.

Suitable for challenging-to-fill roles and positions that shouldn't be publicly advertised.

Price 10,000 € + VAT.

Personal evaluations

Utilizes tools like ACE and MPA to assess candidates' cognitive abilities and work profiles.

Licensed assessors conduct these evaluations.

Price 750 € + VAT

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