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Recruiting professionals in the financial management sector is influenced by two main factors:

  1. Traditional Work vs. Development-Oriented Roles: In financial administration, there is traditionally a significant amount of routine work. However, these routine tasks do not necessarily attract the best, self-developing experts. As a result, financial management companies compete for talent by offering advanced technology, employee benefits, team spirit, competitive salaries, and even their own software development teams.
  2. Career Paths and Role Development: Recruitment in internal financial units of companies is often focused on roles that offer opportunities for development, process management, and clear career paths.

It is common for experts to start their careers in financial management companies and later transition to internal finance units within other organizations. This creates a chronic shortage of skilled senior-level experts that companies can acquire from financial management firms.

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The Financial Management Labor Market

The financial management sector encompasses various players, including internal financial units within companies and financial management companies that provide services to other organizations. Digitalization and automation have significantly transformed operations in the financial management sector. In addition to traditional accounting, there is a growing emphasis on interpreting and applying financial information and providing various advisory services.

Key trends in financial administration in recent years include:

  • Automation and Agile Software: The use of automation and agile software, such as Robotic Process Automation (RPA) and Artificial Intelligence (AI), in routine tasks.
  • Data Utilization: The growth of big data and its visionary utilization, including forecasting and future scenarios.
  • Consultative Approach: A shift towards a consultative approach in financial advisory services.
  • Continuous Process Development: The importance of continuously developing financial processes.

Recruitment in financial administration now requires a focus on career path planning and a consultative approach. Automation has replaced routine tasks, increasing the importance of data interpretation and business understanding. Professionals are increasingly interested in developing their roles or advancing within their organizations to more challenging positions.

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Recruitment Team Solutions

When recruiting for financial administration positions, we work closely with the client to understand why the company would be attractive to potential candidates and what qualities the ideal candidate should possess. This collaborative approach often leads to role customization. Additionally, we emphasize the importance of successful onboarding. Our use of the MPA test provides valuable insights not only for the recruitment decision but also for planning a candidate's orientation and development.

Our typical recruitment assignment involves an advertisement search supported by headhunting, known as hybrid search. We provide a 12-month recruitment guarantee for our placements.

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Roles We've Recruited Over the Past Year

  • Chief Financial Officer
  • Chief Operating Officer
  • Business Controller
  • Senior Accountant
  • Accountant

Our Most Popular Services in the Field of Financial Management

  • Hybrid Search
  • Advertisement Search
  • Suitability Assessment

Our References

We have conducted recruitments for the following companies, among others: Ruohonjuuri Oy, Leipurin Oyj, Imperial Brands Finland

NBO & Recruitment Team

"The partner helped us save time and focus it on our core business."

NBO, a partner in modern solution sales, needed an agile expert for recruitment. With the help of the Recruitment Team, NBO found several new B2B sales experts in six months.

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