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Our Ethical Guidelines

Our ethical guidelines are based on our values: Expertise - Smart operations - Enjoyment of work. We divide our ethical guidelines into five different categories: business relationships, recruitment process, personnel, laws, and sustainable development.


Business Relationships

We expect our client companies to adhere to high ethical standards and operate within the framework of the law, both in business and recruitment. In recruitment, ethics are represented by openness, honesty, non-discrimination, and employee well-being.

Unlike many other industries, in the recruitment field, the "end product" is a person whose final actions are not within our control. We cannot make unconditional promises about the actions of the selected individual. Instead, we ensure that we perform our work as thoroughly and comprehensively as possible in accordance with the laws and regulations. We offer a 12-month guarantee for our work. We represent our corporate client and act in all situations in the best interests of our paying client.

Practical guidance: I operate openly, transparently, honestly, and respectfully towards our corporate clients. I do not make baseless promises about the success of recruitment but rather showcase my expertise. I ensure that my clients are aware of laws, practices, compliance principles, and psychological biases in recruitment.


Recruitment Process

We ensure that the recruitment process is consistent and respectful to all candidates. Tools for careful recruitment process planning include structuring, anonymity, and psychometrics, for example.

Practical guidance: I am committed to ethical conduct in recruitment: I am an expert. I am open, honest, and transparent in my actions. I respect all parties involved. I do not favor acquaintances, accept bribes, or make promises. I do not influence candidates' behavior against the interests of my client.



Rekrytointitalli's personnel have received thorough training and orientation for their work. It is especially important to us that time resources are sufficient for careful, professional work. Our salary structure is heavily based on monthly salaries to ensure that the mental burden of success does not hinder quality work.

Practical guidance: I ensure that my supervisor has up-to-date information on both the time-related and other resources related to my work as early as possible.



In the legislation applicable to the recruitment industry, laws and regulations concerning personal data are especially important. Rekrytointitalli has the appropriate tools and separate guidance for data handling. Privacy Policy

Practical guidance: I ensure that I comply with the law and its spirit in all cases. I do not obtain information about candidates unlawfully and process all information I receive in accordance with GDPR guidelines.


Sustainable Development

Rekrytontitalli is committed to sustainable development. Virtual interviews, electronic documentation, and 95% remote work keep Rekrytointitalli's carbon footprint very low.

Practical guidance: I do not unnecessarily travel, nor do I expect candidates to do so: I aim to conduct meetings virtually. If travel is necessary, I strive to use public transportation.



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