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Responsible Recruitment. Why?


For us, responsibility doesn't just mean treating our candidate clients fairly, but examining the whole value chain, from our corporate clients' operations to respecting our candidate clients - not forgetting our own actions. We have documented our own ethical guidelines, where each aspect of responsibility is discussed in more detail.


What benefits does responsible recruitment bring to our corporate clients?

  1. Responsible Recruitment = Quality Recruitment. We commit to the principles of responsible recruitment and also help our clients with aspects such as identifying psychological biases. This way, we ensure the quality of the entire recruitment process.
  2. Reputation with Candidates. For many candidates, we are their first contact with your company. By ensuring responsible recruitment, we ensure that your company leaves a positive impression.
  3. Reputation with Partners and Networks. Is it important to your partners, customers, principals, and stakeholders that you conduct recruitment responsibly? Absolutely.


Why do we want to highlight responsibility now and why will it continue to be our top priority in our operations?

  1. We have always operated responsibly, but now we are emphasizing it more strongly.
  2. The world is changing, and companies are increasingly choosing their partners based on responsibility, ethics, and values.
  3. We like to be able to look at ourselves in the mirror, with integrity.


Would you like to join the ranks of our responsible clients?

The first step is to contact Mikko:

Mikko Kaikkonen, CEO, Rekytointitalli Oy

Master of Business Administration



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Responsible Recruitment. Why?

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