Our references

"We are IT company that needed to recruit experienced and skillful sales manager. Collaborating with Rekrytointitalli's consultants was very easy as  they knew exactly what we were looking for. Candidates' quality was very high and we recruited a very competent key player to our team."

Jukka Kivimäki, CEO, Remion Oy

"We needed urgently to recruit a very skillful person to a critical role in our company. Rekrytointitalli suggested us a very quick way to execute headhunt. That worked out very well and in a short period of time we had a new professional with us."

Anne Urrila, Solibri Oy

"We are IT start-up that didn't have too much experience with recruiting. However, recruiting is in a key role and we want to be deeply involved in it. Rekrytointitalli helped us out by making a strategy, communication plan and revising our employer brand. We are more than happy with it!"

Tapio Hekkala, CEO, Amban Nordic

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