Recruitment in the Field of Research

Recruitment methods in the field of research vary greatly depending on the role. In the case of highly specialized roles, the company's own networks are often the most common way to recruit. Individuals currently abroad are also of great interest, and attention is paid to the diversity of teams.

Since Finland has a high level of education and the number of jobs in the field has decreased in recent years, recruiting companies often receive a large number of applications for vacant positions.

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Research Labor Market

The term 'field of research' actually covers a wide range of fields. In general, basic research is seen as the responsibility of universities and similar institutions, while applied research is considered the domain of companies, although applied research also plays a significant role in higher education. There is considerable variation by sector; for example, in the field of chemistry (including pharmaceuticals), 37 percent of total R&D expenditure was allocated to applied research in 2017. In the electronics and electrical engineering industry, on the other hand, around ten percent was spent on research and 90 percent on development.

Traditionally, the government has played a significant role in research and development activities. For example, in 2019, expenditures in this field amounted to €6.6 billion, with the government's share being just under one-third. Although in recent years, there has been a decline in funding and the number of experts in research, it cannot be seen as a sunset industry. The supply of labor can be considered high, depending largely on the required skill level and role.

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Recruitment Team Solutions

Recruitment Team offers various solutions in the field of research. Our typical assignment is a hybrid search project, where we utilize advertisement searches and directly reach out to experts in the field through the client's own networks.

In the research field, qualifications are often well-documented and verifiable, making it easy to demonstrate expertise. However, we often pay attention to the person's fit within the team and their onboarding using the MPA tool. Learn more about our range of services and pricing here.

Roles We've Recruited Over the Past Year

  • Market Researcher
  • Research Analyst
  • Data Analyst
  • Data Scientist (AI)
  • Senior Developer for R&D

Our Most Popular Services in the Research Field

  • Headhunt
  • Advertisement Search
  • Suitability Assessment

Our References

We have conducted recruitments for the following companies, among others: Success Clinic, Aula Research, Value Clinic

NBO & Recruitment Team

"The partner helped us save time and focus it on our core business."

NBO, a partner in modern solution sales, needed an agile expert for recruitment. With the help of the Recruitment Team, NBO found several new B2B sales experts in six months.

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