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Recruiting professionals in the financial management sector is influenced by two main factors:

  1. Traditional Work vs. Development-Oriented Roles: In financial administration, there is traditionally a significant amount of routine work. However, these routine tasks do not necessarily attract the best, self-developing experts. As a result, financial management companies compete for talent by offering advanced technology, employee benefits, team spirit, competitive salaries, and even their own software development teams.
  2. Career Paths and Role Development: Recruitment in internal financial units of companies is often focused on roles that offer opportunities for development, process management, and clear career paths.

It is common for experts to start their careers in financial management companies and later transition to internal finance units within other organizations. This creates a chronic shortage of skilled senior-level experts that companies can acquire from financial management firms.

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NBO & Recruitment Team

Modern Solution Sales Partner NBO Needed Agile Recruiting Expertise. With the Help of Rekrytointitalli, NBO Found Several New B2B Sales Experts in Just Six Months.

Modern solution sales pioneer NBO is in a significant development phase. Founded in 2010, New Business Office serves over 30 top brands in its field, supporting their sales with modern new customer acquisition.

NBO initiated a collaboration with Rekrytointitalli because growing demand required new talents quickly. NBO's sales started to gain momentum in the fall of 2020, and to support this growth, they needed new B2B sales experts. In recruitment, NBO decided to use a partner because the company's leadership wanted to focus on core activities.

The partner responded promptly to the recruitment needs. With the help of Rekrytointitalli, NBO found several new experts.

"The recruitment process went very smoothly and easily," says Tuuli Törmäkangas, HRD Manager at NBO.

"The Recruitment Process Went Very Smoothly"

The recruitment of new experts began in September, and two months later, NBO hired two new B2B sales experts. After that, new New Business Managers were hired steadily.

"Elina quickly grasped our needs and the kind of experts we were looking for," says Tuuli Törmäkangas, referring to Elina Liikka, a recruitment consultant who handled NBO's recruitment process at Rekrytointitalli.

According to Liikka, the collaboration with NBO has been open and effortless.

"It has contributed to the rapid implementation and success of recruitment projects. It has been a real pleasure to be involved in NBO's growth," she says.

"Rekrytointitalli Quickly Understood Our Needs"

The recruitment process also received praise from NBO's new B2B sales experts. Contact on LinkedIn was considered interesting, interviews were pleasant, and the recruitment process was smooth.

"I might not have been as interested in the position if Rekrytointitalli hadn't contacted me directly on LinkedIn. After the initial contact, I looked into the company, and it seemed interesting," says Teemu Tuomainen, New Business Manager at NBO since spring 2021.

"Talking with Elina felt natural—more like a conversation than a job interview," says Carlos Soto, who started working at NBO in the winter of 2021.

"The Recruitment Process Was Open and Well-Communicated. I Knew Where We Stood All the Time"

Both Soto and Tuomainen were involved in other recruitment processes at the same time. They applied to NBO after receiving a LinkedIn contact message stating that NBO was hiring.

"I checked the company's website and became interested immediately," says Soto.

One week after the interview with Rekrytointitalli, both were informed that they had passed to the next stage and would be interviewed by NBO. For Teemu Tuomainen, the experience with a recruitment partner was his first—and a good one.

"The recruitment process was open and well-communicated. I knew where we stood all the time. And I knew that if I wanted, I could have asked Rekrytointitalli for tips on the job interview. Overall, I had a good feeling about the recruitment," says Tuomainen.

"In Our Conversations, We Felt Like We Understood Each Other: It Brought Confidence and Peace to Recruitment"

Recruitment, at its best, is a streamlined process with only winners. An organization that finds dedicated employees, and individuals who get to use their expertise. When several new experts are found in a short time, we can talk about exceptionally successful recruitment.

Quantity alone does not make recruitment a success; quality does. According to Tuuli Törmäkangas, HRD Manager at NBO, using a partner in recruitment requires trust.

"Does the recruitment partner understand the nature of our business and the type of expertise we need and the kind of people we are looking for? Can an outsider understand the atmosphere and dynamics of the work community when they are not in contact with us daily?"

"In our discussions with Rekrytointitalli, we got the feeling that we understood each other. It brought confidence and peace to the recruitment. And trust that the partner knows how to focus on the right things in recruitment," says Törmäkangas.

"The Recruitment Partner Had Experience, Insight, and the Right Contacts"

According to Törmäkangas, the partner added various value to NBO's recruitment:

"The partner helped us save time and focus on our core business. We didn't waste extra energy thinking about recruitment. We could trust that the collaboration works and that Rekrytointitalli would find good candidates for us to interview."

"The partner brings experience, insight, and the right contacts to recruitment," says Törmäkangas.

"The partner has extensive experience in recruitment and various industries, as well as a lot of experience with different applicants and how to highlight their skills in the best possible way in the early stages of recruitment. It benefits everyone."

"I'm Really Satisfied"

Teemu Tuomainen and Carlos Soto have quickly settled into their new roles. They have quickly become part of NBO's low-hierarchy team.

"I've had responsibility from the start. And I've already learned a lot. The job is even more than I expected. I'm really satisfied," says Soto.

"We've got wonderful people on our team. We have a really good team," says Tuuli Törmäkangas, HRD Manager at NBO.

Roles Sought:

New Business Manager, B2B Sales Role

Service Used:

Hybrid Recruitment

Collaboration Began:


Projects Completed:


Additional Information:

Elina Liikka, Rekrytointitalli
040 161 2474

Recruitment Team Solutions

When recruiting for financial administration positions, we work closely with the client to understand why the company would be attractive to potential candidates and what qualities the ideal candidate should possess. This collaborative approach often leads to role customization. Additionally, we emphasize the importance of successful onboarding. Our use of the MPA test provides valuable insights not only for the recruitment decision but also for planning a candidate's orientation and development.

Our typical recruitment assignment involves an advertisement search supported by headhunting, known as hybrid search. We provide a 12-month recruitment guarantee for our placements.

Learn more about our range of services and pricing here.

Roles We've Recruited Over the Past Year

  • Chief Financial Officer
  • Chief Operating Officer
  • Business Controller
  • Senior Accountant
  • Accountant

Our Most Popular Services in the Field of Financial Management

  • Hybrid Search
  • Advertisement Search
  • Suitability Assessment

Our References

We have conducted recruitments for the following companies, among others: Ruohonjuuri Oy, Leipurin Oyj, Imperial Brands Finland

Sievi Hyvinvointitilat Oy & Recruitment Team

"The careful groundwork of the Recruitment Team helps immensely in making the decision."

Sievi Hyvinvointitilat Oy, a company focused on healthcare construction, is a growth company currently seeking multiple new experts with the assistance of the Recruitment Team. They are also improving their entire recruitment process through partner collaboration. This cooperation has paid off in an industry where competition for the best experts is fierce.

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